Which Online Casino Games Are the Most Popular?

When you picture a real-world casino in a city like Las Vegas, the odds are that you’re seeing people sitting round blackjack tables or playing poker. Sure, there are a few one-armed bandits off to the side, but these are rarely the heart of a Vegas casino and definitely not where you’d look to find the glamour.

However, the opposite is undoubtedly true when it comes to casino games that are played online. Here, slot machine games are king. In fact, most online casinos relegate blackjack and other tabletop games to a small section of the website, if they even bother to offer them at all.

The reason for the popularity of slot machine games compared to other options is the ease of offering new varieties of games based on the same format. Apart from changing the image on the back of the cards, there isn’t very much that developers can do to make one Texas Hold ‘Em game different from another. Slot machine games, on the other hand, offer all sorts of opportunities for innovation. There can be power-ups, the ability to hold certain wheels during play, and scenes of theming that draw people in and so much more.

This means that even relatively small players in the online casino world are able to boast game libraries of over 200 slot machine games. Any game on their site will have been spun and re-spun in a number of themes, playing styles and modes. This means that there is bound to be a slot machine game that appeals to almost any player who is likely to use the site.

Furthermore, these types of games also benefit from the ease with which third party characters and properties can be tied in. Many slot machine games available at online casinos are based on popular characters, television game shows or even movies. Studios and TV producers tend to licence their properties to developers who can easily graft them onto existing games.

In short, if you are looking to play games in an online casino, get ready to hit the slots.